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  • MOUNTAIN Ink PaintingMOUNTAIN Ink Painting



    MOUNTAIN Ink Painting

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    People Ink Painting

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  • Feng Shui Office Kantoor Energy

    FENG SHUI Office


    FENG SHUI Office

    Pinar Ertan Wildeboer do the math and the science of “Money”, “Luck” and “Success” Energies in your office by calculating the multidimensional potential and existent energies. 

    Did you know that, Feng Shui of an office environment raises success energy of the business. 

    Did you know that the leader’s luck energy dominates the environment of the office, what if the year’s energy is not serving to the leader?

    Make an appointment with BYMESH to experience the “Touch of Life” in your offices.


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  • House astrology Feng Shui

    FENG SHUI House


    Pinar Ertan Wildeboer does the math and the science in your house by calculating the multiple views and dimensions of potential and existent energies. 

    Your body charges its daily energy on the bed that you minimum spend 8 hours, without moving. 

    During the day person stays connected fully to his/her house with etheric cords.

    Some house accessories can bring luck, which is serving to person’s elemental chart. On the other hand, some accessories take the positive energy from you, to charge themselves.  

    We heal both the accessory and the person. 

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