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Kantoormeubelen, moderne verlichting en kantooraccessoires. Accessoires van onder meer Uniqka en Hamm Design en exclusieve accessoires van Kunstenaars, Voor ieder kantoor wat wils en voor elk budget. We raden u aan Feng Shui toe te passen op uw kantoorruimtes. Dit zal uw rijkdom en succes in uw bedrijf ondersteunen.

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  • Feng Shui Office Kantoor Energy

    FENG SHUI Office


    FENG SHUI Office

    Pinar Ertan Wildeboer do the math and the science of “Money”, “Luck” and “Success” Energies in your office by calculating the multidimensional potential and existent energies. 

    Did you know that, Feng Shui of an office environment raises success energy of the business. 

    Did you know that the leader’s luck energy dominates the environment of the office, what if the year’s energy is not serving to the leader?

    Make an appointment with BYMESH to experience the “Touch of Life” in your offices.


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  • Sale! Organizer Office AccessoriesMANHATTAN Organizer Office Accessories

    MANHATTAN Organizer


    MANHATTAN ORGANIC Leather Office Accessories 

    Manhattan is a desktop organizer, taking its inspiration from the landscape of Manhattan island in New York City.

    In an era of increasing urbanism and construction, the designer has looked for a way to find beauty with the abstraction of towers. In Manhattan, the thick leather forms the island and the metal cylinders compose the towers.

    The result: Rising towers on the leather. Designed by Kerem Ariş.

    With its sleek form, Manhattan adds sophistication to the desk and allows the user to organize the stationery with delight.

    MANHATTAN ORGANIC Leather Office Accessories comes in four colorways. Black leather with brass, copper or black steel options and brown leather with brown steel option.


    Designer : Kerem Ariş
    Material : Copper / brass / steel and leather
    Dimensions : W: 18cm D: 16cm H: 10cm
    Brand : Uniqka
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