An Unique Acrylic Painting. Chosen by BY MESH Home Design & Art

Name: TIME

Dimensions of Original : 75x90cm (choose the digital print size please from the options)

Technique: Acrylic over Canvas

Year of Paint: 11.2013

Delivery : 7 Working Days

Painter: Faruk Onur

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Fine Art Print – Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta

FineArt Baryta is a paper that sets the tone for high color depth, wide color range and sharpness. This paper gives the “wow” factor, especially with black and white prints with an extremely high density and fine shades of gray. The use of barium sulfate in the premium inkjet coating provides the typical sheen that makes this paper a true replacement for traditional analogue Baryta papers.

Fine Art op dibond – Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta

FineArt Baryta combines the advantages of a luxury cotton paper and the traditional barite. The very fine surface texture with the barite gloss enhances portraits with a particularly expressive character..

Photo on plexiglass – Museum glass / Ultra HD

If a photo on Plexiglas is already a beautiful finish of your photo, with the Ultra HD we go one step further. A print on Fuji Maxima paper glued between Tru Vue TruLife acrylic (museum glass) and dibond. The Intensity of the glossy plexiglass, but without reflections! That is still pure beauty.

Note: the delivery time of this product is 3 weeks


It is a collage work on acrylic and oil pastels on 75x90cm canvas.

Faruk Onur says; Shorten the time, but for what sake? ... A round picture of the "God Particle experiment" laboratory in Cern-Switzerland. The lower layers are also being processed since the formation of the world. Old bones represent organic, bees represent continuity of life. Culture (vase) is Wealth (gold watch chain). Here the power that wealth brings is disruptive and wants to find creation. The 2 time zone on the lower left shows that time is running out. On the other hand, nature is constantly trying to renew itself from the upper left corner (cherries). The exclamation mark in the middle is also for attention to this dangerous game and the end. The Higgs boson, called 'God particle', which has been proven by experiments in the CERN laboratory of Switzerland, is the mechanism that gives mass to atoms that do not have mass, that is, it gives mass to nothing.


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Faruk Onur was born in Istanbul in Turkey in 1961.

Painting is the reflection of his soul and current feelings.

Cubism, imperialism, abstracts and contemporary trends affect him.

It was his secondary school art teacher who first discovered his talent. Year 1973-1974. The teacher asked the class to draw the flower she placed on the table. She chose Faruk from his class. The teacher gave a special painting education for two years at the school workshop with four students selected from other classes. Painting from that date has been a part of his life.

After retiring in 2004, He studied painting for 4 years. During this training, art history and movements attracted his attention. He loses himself in Cubism and abstract, and He feed his soul with impressionism and contemporary trends.

He participated in three mixed exhibitions. Also he interested in photography and ceramic.

He lives in Istanbul.



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